How often do you pay commissions?
They are paid once a EVERY MONTH on/around the 16th. It is paid through several available methods.

How many credits do I get per signup referred by me?
You get either 25 or 50 credits.

Do I get credits when one of my signups clicks an email ad?
You get either 5 or 10 credits per email your signups click on.

One of my signups are gone, what happened?
I don't change a sponsor on request. If they are gone, it means they removed their account.

How much are commissions?
Up to $42.50 per referred upgrade!
Free members get 15% per member for single upgrade or add-on option bought.
Upgraded members get 25%-50% per member for single upgrade or add-on option bought.
And PLUS $2 per credit package sold.

I bought an extra 1000 credits a month, when do they get replenished?
It is on the same day when you get your other 1000 credits for your Ruby upgrade (every 30 days). You will get the upgraded monthly 1000, you will get an additional 1000 more along with it if you chose the extra option.

Are upgrades lifetime use?
Yes it is.

How do I turn off receiving emails?
You can turn them off on the link "No Ads Mode?" but that is an upgraded option.

Do I earn on every upgrade option a signup buys?
Yes you do. Every single one.

I bought a personalized banner, when does it become available for me?
When I am online I will make the banner. It is not made by a bot, but by hand. Make SURE you click this link "Brand Referral Banner" and fill out the info or it will delay your personalized referral banner.
It will show up under these links when it is done: "Brand Referral Banner" and "Referral Url / Banners"

I bought something but it did not update in my account?
When I am online I will update your account manually. But everything should be automatic if you return to the site after ordering.

How do I contact support?
Webstars2K.com Tickets but please read through the site first.

How do I remove my account?
Just scroll down the members area page (or called Home Page), it is at the very bottom. The link is: "Remove Account?"

Do I earn on ALL sales, even bulk credits?
YES - you do. Even on credit bulk sales referred.

How many credits do I get when one of my signups click an email ad?
5 credits per click, double it if you got the upgrade option that it is doubled.

I bought the promo code option, what do I do with it?
When you advertise, give your potential 10BuckBlast signups the code. ONCE THEY CLAIM IT, they will get 1500 credits, AND you will get 300 credits!

How do I make money with this?
Just show your referral url everywhere: social networks, safelists (aka "mailers"), TAE's, traffic exchanges, forums, banner networks, etc

What is the best way to use this for advertising my other sites?
The best way is to consistently use it. Click or buy credits and consistently use it. My sites usually swell up into large memberships - use it.

How do I earn more credits so I can send my emails?
Buy clicking email ads received in your box, and for missed ones click this link "Earn Credits". You also earn credits by clicking on member banners and textads in the members area.

Can I make my own banners or email ads?
Yes, of course you can - I have seen some members make some really cool or funny stuff and appreciate them.

Must I make a "splash page" in order to get more referrals under me at 10BuckBlast?
No - why make people do an extra click to read the same info on the actual affiliate sales page to signup?

Must I use an optin list page to get more referrals under me at 10BuckBlast?
No - why make people do an several extra clicks just to get to the same info about a site you want referrals to signup to under you. If a site has professional adcopy done, it has certain things on it to help gain those signups.

How can I get more referrals so I can make money with this?
Just show your 10BuckBlast referral url everywhere. This includes banner and email ads too. You can find these on the "Referral Url / Banners" link.

Why can't I login?
Have your password resent first. If you still can not login, please use a different browser to see if that works. Sometimes, there are settings that can stop cookies or etc. on the current browser. If all else fails, make me check your account personally.

I am new, who owns this site?
Maryanne Myers - been selling on websites (owned them) since 1998. I used to trade ostrich eggs in exchange for search engine services in the beginning and started with a hosted web page on Homestead.com - Believe it or not, I saw Paypal and Google come online in which now seems like forever ago!
I have always paid what was owed, never took a break from owning sites (and was actually socially online since 1995, then turned marketer 1998, then turned owner in 1998). The current site with ALL of my current sites listed is at: Webstars2K.com.